Pack Pneumology – Lung and Stethoscope pins

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A Symbol of Passion for Healthcare ❤️

Join us in celebrating the artistry of medicine with our meticulously designed pulmonary pins. These unique pins are the perfect accessories for doctors, nurses, residents and pulmonologist.

❤️《SMALL BUSINESS》As a small business founded by a medical student, we understand the dedication and commitment it takes to pursue a career in healthcare. That’s why we created this lapel pin, not only to adorn your attire but also to showcase your passion for medicine.

❤️《PURPOSE》Our lapel pin embodies the essence of the healthcare profession. It symbolizes the love, compassion, and tireless effort put forth by healthcare practitioners every day. With its intricate design and high-quality metallic finish, this pin is a testament to the artistry and skill of those in the medical field.

❤️《US WAREHOUSE》To support local businesses and ensure prompt delivery, our lapel pins are proudly stored in our US warehouse.

❤️《OUR STORY》As a medical student with a love for graphic design, I founded a small business catering exclusively to healthcare professionals. Fueled by my understanding of anatomy and the unmet needs of the industry, I create unique designs that embody our shared passion. No longer settling for uninspired designs, welcome to a world where artistry meets healthcare, where every design is infused with the love and dedication that medicine deserves.

🩺❤️ When you purchase our Medical Pin, you’re not just getting a beautiful accessory—you’re supporting a small business and a medical student’s dream.
Order yours today and wear your commitment proudly!


Stethoscope pin: 1.25×0.75 in

Lung pin: 1×1 in


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